Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Como se Dice?

Does anyone know what this means?

Уважаемый автор, а вы случайно не из Москвы?

It is a question posed to me on my guestbook. I'd like to answer it, but no hablo.

And while we're looking at it, I'm leaning towards Russian, but is it?

NOTE: I just looked it up at a great site that translates languages for you. I think it doesn't always translate with any kind of understanding of what is trying to be said however...

It is Russian and this is what the translation is:

Distinguished author and you do not accidentally from Moscow?

So, I think that may mean, "Hey, I think you're a great writer. Are you perchance from Moscow?"

I love languages and people trying to talk to one another. Thank you my new Russian friend. No, I'm not from Russia, nor have I ever been there. I am, however, grateful that you like my writing.

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Ania Vesenny said...

Your translation is right on! Though it would be more like "Dear author."

Laura said...

Woot!! All right!

I know how to look things up.

Did you leave me the nice compliment? If so, thank you. If not, thanks for the information any way.

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