Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Homeschooling Lesson of the Day

Today's lesson is that if you sit on the trunk of the car in front because you want to watch the treetrimmers from the village absolutely mangle the neighbor's tree across the street, your mom will make you get off the trunk of the car and you will have to drag chairs from the wood shack in the backyard instead and bring them to the front yard and watch the workers from there.

Also, the chocolate chip cookies you were going to help mom make will be made by her alone, but she will fix up a tasting plate, so you don't miss out on any of the dough goodness.

And, you will see how long the workers' break lasts. You will note how hard they worked beforehand (very).

Please notice how the chipper grinds up a huge amount of trimmed material and how cool it is to see it come shooting out into the truck in front of it.

This will be independent work, although you may partner up if you so choose. All observations are to be shared.

Mom will routinely look out the window and make sure that the workers are not getting creeped out by two highly curious kids sitting in the front yard staring at them. So far, mom notes that the workers are not impeded at all by the onlookers.

At the end of the lesson, cookies will be served and there will be a conversation where we will talk about: what they did, why the did it, who paid for them to do it, how it effected the trees, its necessity, or lack thereof, how the chipper works, its ability to handle that much material, what fuels it, where the wood chips go, how quickly the shredded matter would decompose, whether the village composts, how we will compost, how quickly a banana peel would decompose in our pile. Or not. We might just talk about how loud it all was. Either way, a lesson will be had of some kind.


susie said...

I call the tree cutter guys, garbage truck drivers, leaf/grass picker uppers movie stars around my house. My daughter and the childcare kiddos I watch are simply amazed and adore these workers!!

On a side note I just saw this on the dooce blog and thought it was interesting. There are definitely some "haters" that speak out a bit harshly, but the post and the comments are very interesting!

Laura said...

I checked out the Dooce blog post, and you're right--there's a lot of hatred there. They really believe their fully vaccinated kids are at risk if nonvaccinated kids are nearby...there's some irony there I think.

We like our neighborhood workers here and regularly have lengthy conversations with our mailman. He's the best!

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