Friday, April 10, 2009

New Vaccination Poll

I think all of this vaccination talk may have disturbed some loyal readers out there. I think people may feel judged by me, because I have chosen a different path and have my reasons for doing so. (Yes, I am mad because I think we're being sold a bill of goods and it's not right.) I have listed some of my reasons here, and it may be that they've not considered some of these same things. Or, they just trust in science and can't believe that the whole vaccination program might be wrong, or terribly flawed. In any case, I think I've pissed some people off.

Sorry--I didn't intend that.

There's a new poll that asks about your vaccination stance. One of the choices is "Laura, you're a loon" and if you're the least bit pissed off at me, that might be a good one to choose. There are other choices as well, if you want to answer it honestly. Although, you may honestly feel that I am a loon, in which case go with that.

Please vote at the left there if you feel so inclined.


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