Monday, January 26, 2009

A Morning in Mexico

This is a typical sunrise on the Caribbean in Mexico. Please take note of the billowy clouds. Also, notice the sun rays streaming down from behind the cloud. You may also wish to note the warm water lapping the shore wave after soft wave.

This is a typical closed bloom that you may find in a cluster of flowering plants, or shrubs or individual flowers scattered here and there. Note the unphotoshopped, natural, original color.

Now notice what a little time will do for a flower. This is an open blossom expecting some interested bee to come along soon...It's almost indecent, isn't it, the way it is calling out for attention?!

Good morning fellow citizens who live in cold areas as I do! Living where we do, we can all appreciate how brisk it is. We can appreciate the change of seasons...whenever that might happen a couple of distant months from now.

Come on! It's not that bad. It could be in the single digits with wind chill.


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