Saturday, January 10, 2009

Contest! New Quote of the Week, or talk Amongst Yourselves

I'm not here. Isn't technology great? I've written this at an earlier point and scheduled it to post at 6:00 AM. And, here it is. Magic.

So, since I'm not here, but others are cat sitting--thanks Unnamed and M.--I thought you guys could share any words of wisdom here while I'm gone. I'm running a new Quote of the Week contest. Any sage words, good advice, mind boggling ideas can go here in the comment section.

Go ahead. You must have heard something at some point that has really moved you. Someone said something that made it all fall into place for you. Share it here. When I get back, I'll look at the posts and decide who has the best words, at that moment, based on whatever I'm feeling at the time. Kind of arbitrary, but this is subjective and who knows how I'll be moved?

Hey! Maybe I'll get something in Mexico and give it to the winner! Yeah, how about that?

Contest give away--something cool from Mexico that doesn't go against the spirit of The Compact in any big way.

Contest rules: Post as often as you like. Post any interesting thing you'd like to share.

See you soon. Good luck!

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