Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hola Mis Amigos y Amigas!!!


We are so glad to be home--we were very worried about our 23 year old cat, Daisy. We all were dreading getting a phone call that something bad had happened to her and we felt guilty for leaving her knowing that it would stress her out...but, she's fine! Hurray! Thanks Unnamed and M. for taking such good care of her while we were gone.

We did not miss the snow and record breaking cold here while we were down in warm Mexico. We don't mind coming back to it, but it was nice to take a break from it.

I've never traveled somewhere warm during the winter. I've just remained cold for 3 months and then felt heartened when the change of season has come. I like the different seasons, but I've discovered on this trip that I love the tropics too. It was soooo beautiful in Mexico. We saw plants of all sorts. Here are just a few:

Palms of all sorts...

Mass groupings of these purple/fuschia leaved plants
the leaves were purpley/pink!!

On the way to the beach, we saw an iguana lazily dozing and resting on a tree right next to the boardwalk.

It was grey for several days. We only had a couple of clear, sunny days, but the water was warm and inviting always.

And, there were flowers everywhere...

Amazing to go away to such a beautiful, warm, interesting place and then in a few hours come back to this.

Hello suburban squirrel footprints on our front step! Good thing I like all of the seasons.


ebehm said...

Welcome back, Laura! Looks like it was beautiful.

Laura said...

Thanks E. It was outstanding. We had such a great time--fun, restful we saw so many fascinating things.

It's good to be home and it was good to get away.

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