Saturday, January 3, 2009

Busy Knitting, no Activism Today

Well I haven't done anything activist like today--just lived my life with my husband and kids here. Sometimes that feels like a radical act, but still.

I did, however, make it to the post office where I was able to hand off a couple of boxes to a postal worker and avoid the absolutely ginormous line snaking out into the lobby. Afterward, my daughter and I headed over to Goodwill where I got her some kicky jeans and a couple of belts and a kicky skirt and dress for me. All was kicky and dare I say sassy as well. That's not always easy to pull off, and yet we did...

You know what else is not easy to pull off? A knitting project that I've messed up and so have left literally languishing in the corner of my dining room with the rest of my yarn stash for over a year. I had convinced myself that it was unapproachable. Then, I returned to it to see what's up and realized the goof was easily fixed because I've become a good enough knitter to read the yarn and see my mistake and know how to correct it. Sorry, daughter, on the year wait for your sweater. Good thing I was knitting it huge to begin with--you won't outgrow this thing until adulthood. Not exactly a tailored piece I'm crafting here.

So, I feel obligated to my daughter to try and finish up this sweater and concentrate on that for a few days. Also, my son is wanting me to knit him a cool ski mask so I have to get on that soon as well.

All this to say that I've not had a political, environmental, or otherwise expansive thought in my head all day. Plus, I made coconut macaroons--also, not a serious subject. Although, these are to die for.

No bitching here, but no activism today either. We didn't buy any new things today so it is all still fitting and appropriate.

This is me today:

Heavy on the sewing circle (for me knitting), light on the terrorist (I prefer to view that as active citizen).

What did you do today?

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