Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homeschooling Conference or Everyone in Their Underwear

I still have a few things to do to get ready for our upcoming annual homeschooling conference. I have to write up a flyer about our super duper supportive and fun homeschooling group and recruit more fabulous people. I have to make copies of all sorts of things and I have to figure out what I Am Going To Say...

I HATE public speaking and yet I will cheerfully MC a talent show at a homeschooling conference year after year. What am I thinking?! Why?!

The kids all do such a great job and this is the end of the whole thing--it wraps up everyone's experience of the conference. People are receptive. It's not like I have to pitch a stimulus package or something. I don't have to give a report about glacier retreat, or spreading contagions, or tell everyone that their banks have failed and the FDIC no longer covers anything.

No. This is fun and everyone is on my side. We're on the same team! They know I'm just a mom homeschooling my kids. They know I'm not a professional speaker. They know I don't get paid to speak--what a sweet gig that would be though, wouldn't it? I'm just an amateur up there along with their hopeful, slightly nervous kids ready to perform.

Last year my daughter told me to imagine that everyone in the audience are all my friends. Then, it's easy! This is probably what she and my son do as they perform with a little acting troupe they're in. They have NO stage fright whatsoever. They are completely poised and confident. They get energized to perform and then they do and they are great, absolutely wonderful. I love watching them on stage. They are so calm and ready to do what needs to be done.

Got to get to work. Got to go write now. Got to try and be like my kids, except without the bathroom humor and the weird clothing combinations and the refusal to eat certain vegetables...except brussel sprouts--I'm going to skip those too.

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