Monday, March 23, 2009

DoulaMomma Wins!

Not only was DoulaMomma the only one to enter the Homeschooling Quiz contest, she happened to get it all right. You win DoulaMomma!

If you leave a private message to me in my guestbook with your address, I will send you some Mexican candy.

Congratulations to you. To the victor go the spoils--you get them all!

Let's review the quiz and see DoulaMomma's answers:

1) I asked how many homeschoolers currently in U.S.

DoulaMomma's answer--

estimated number of homeschoolers in 2008 in the US: 1,273,089

Close enough. I've heard around 1.5 million and some sources say that it's closer to 2 million. I'm not going to quibble.

2) I listed all sorts of famous people and asked what they have in common.

DoulaMomma's answer--

They are famous people who were homeschooled?

Bingo. They were all homeschooled. Alan Alda? Who knew?

3) I wrote up a huge list of very competitive and prestigious colleges and universities and asked what they all have in common.

DoulaMomma's answer--

Universities that admit homeschoolers?

Yes. Not only do they admit homeschoolers but some, notably Stanford, court homeschoolers and actively recruit them.

I think it's fun to note that DoulaMomma said she herself had been homeschooled until 4th grade. We should put her on the list of famous homeschoolers.

If you haven't visited DoulaMomma's blog, please go check it out. She has all sorts of interesting articles about pregnancy and birth and how doulas support a normal, healthy birth. What a noble job she has. She also writes about her own kids, including an essay she recently wrote about the time her son caught her throwing his art work into the recycling bin, and she has links to interesting blogs.

Thanks for entering the quiz DoulaMomma. Congratulations again.

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