Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time to Shake Things up Around Here

See the new colors? This blog was looking soooo boring. Blah. Soft greens, greys, with a white background--BORING!!

Also, I think I might go buy a bunch of stuff today, just because.

I did go and buy a new cardigan that I wore at the homeschooling conference, and I think I might just throw off this yoke of oppression--this "We Don't Buy It" crap. Who needs that kind of limitation in life?! If I want to go out and get myself a little something, something, why not?!


Enjoy this April 1st.


Paige said...

lol, at first I was like "no way! don't give up!"

I'm so gullible!

Happy April

Laura said...

Gullible? Whatever do you mean?

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