Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homeschooling--What?? Are You Crazy?!

Have you encountered naysayers, critics, overly worried relatives who question your choice and or ability to homeschool your kids? You are not alone. It can come up a lot.

You know what you can offer them in response?

Bean Dip! (AKA how to set boundaries with your loved [and not so loved] ones.)

Yummy, yummy bean dip.

Here's how the bean dip offer might be put into action. Shhh. Let's listen in:

Your father and I are very worried about you guys homeschooling. Children belong in school because that's just the way it is and always has been and we think... What's that delicious looking treat? Bean dip, you say... Yes, I'd like some, thanks. Mmmmm. *chewing noises as she relishes the tasty party treat* As I was saying, we don't think you should be homeschooling the kids, because... Yes, thank you, I would like a drink. Sangria!! I love it! Homemade! Wow, the fruit in it looks so appealing! Kids should be around their peers all day long *big sipping noises followed by Mmmmmms*--you guys just can't supply the needed *drains glass*... OK, I'd love another one... Wait, what were we talking about?


Mrs. bradley said...

I haven't been hit with the you shouldn't question for a while. But the high school, how are you going to do it? Has come up lately.

Laura said...

Well, Mrs. bradley, what about the Prommmm?! Or Driver's Ed.? Or Calculus?

Good luck!

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