Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Husband Amazes Me

My husband has done it again. He grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat. He looked the enemy in the eyes and did not blink.

He is amazing, I tell you!

See the picture above? That is the wrong amp. but it looks like the kind of fuse that blew out of our washing machine as I was putting in a load of clothes. Clothes, that if you must know (and you must, because this bit adds import) had not a few of my dirty underwear. I needed to do a load of laundry STAT!

The lights came on showing me that the washing machine was running--but there was no water sound. The tub wasn't filling. There wasn't any kind of sound whatsoever. It didn't work!

I called my husband at work, and when he came home he opened up the machine.

That is an action that just never occurs to me. Does it occur to you? Do you think, "Hm. I think I'll just take a peekie boo and see if I can't SEE what the problem might be." I don't think to do that because I don't know what I'm looking for or if I would recognize it if I did see it. "Oh, you mean there aren't supposed to be blown fuses in the workings of the washing machine? Huh." * blink, blink* * blink, blink*

I went to Radio Shack and got the replacement fuse.

My husband just put it in and the washing machine is washing my clothes as I write this to you. It is amazing! But, that's not all...

On the way to work, my husband felt that his bike tire was low. He had a slow leak and was able to stop at a gas station and fill it up enough to get him to work. From work he brought home a battery operated pump and used it as needed on the way home.

When he got home, he fixed the computer that was saying telling us that there was a virus. But, there really wasn't--just spam; it was very urgent, insistent spam. Seemed real.

Isn't he the greatest?

Yeah, he is.

I know it's all a bit of white man's blues. It's first world problems we were facing. Those kind of minor, frustrating things that pop up and must be dealt with and solved and corrected. No one's health was in jeopardy. No one was hungry. The problems only lasted a day.

I just am pleased that my partner knows how to take care of stuff and does.

He is amazing.


DoulaMomma said...

very MacGyver-y!

Laura said...

I know! Right?

You should see what he can do with a comb, some foil and a piece of gum!

Prairie Mother said...

Don't they just amaze you? Computers, machines, bikes, cars...they can take care of it all!!! So...why can't they pick up their socks off the floor???

kathy said...

That' awesome.. no 300$ repairman bill or day off to wait unil he arrives... just one please honey and its done.

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