Monday, July 27, 2009

So Long Suckas...

It isn't always this easy. People don't necessarily get these kind of small, but important domestic victories that embolden the spirit, that make you feel triumphant.

Back when our dishwasher was working, I once tried out a "natural" dishwasher detergent. I was to use only a teaspoon, and I did, and it didn't work. At all. Egg yolk was still encrusted. Tomato sauce still clung to plates. Awful.

I can report here, however, that our diatomaceous earth get-rid-of-the-giant-black-ants-invading-our-kitchen method WORKED! They are g-o-n-e gone. Long gone. We haven't seen a scurrying black squiggle ever since I dusted the baseboards with an ample amount of the powder.

IT WORKED! The natural nontoxic method worked. Ha!

Take that petrochemical, polluting, better-living-through-chemistry, mainstream paradigm!


KC said...

Congratulations. We're still sharing our space with the ants, though there are less of them after I scattered some coffee grounds in key locations. I didn't have any success finding diatomaceous earth in town, so I figured, when in, actually another American here told me that ants don't like coffee. (I have no idea what Italians do if they don't want to use chemical pesticides.)

Laura said...


I think I've heard that boric acid is good too. Maybe you could find that somewhere.

I love coffee and it doesn't surprise me a bit that there are other wonderful properties to it besides what I find in my morning cuppa.

Cerwydwyn said...

I am thrilled to hear this. We have tried DE inside our kitchen and it did not work. I DID help. We, however, have a terrible ant infestation on our entire in, you cannot take a baby step without landing on 2 or 3 new ant hills. As in, if you weed the garden expect to be covered in ants. As in, we are an organic (almost) oasis in the center of thousands of acres of industrial cotton/corn/soy farms.
I may try buying DE in bulk next spring and using the seeder with it over our entire place.

Laura said...

Cerwydwyn, I'm so sorry the DE didn't work for you. Yours sounds like a really bad infestation. I have heard that you also put the DE right on each ant hill. Maybe a spreader would work the best for your yard.

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