Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am Impressed With My Kids

Yesterday, my son complained that he felt a little pressure behind his cheeks and nose. Maybe he had a bit of a sinus infection?

I told him about our neti pot and explained how dad uses it and I use it and why and when.

So, he thought he would like to try it too.

"Really?", I thought. "He's going to fill a pot with warm water and a generous pinch of salt and tilt his head over the sink and pour it in one nostril and then let it drain out the other? Really?" OK...

I set it up for him and reminded him to breathe through his mouth and that it would feel like when you get water up your nose at the pool, but he would not choke--it would be OK.

I had him watch me as I filled the neti pot with the warm water and the generous pinch of salt and then poured the water into one of my nostrils and then the other.

OK. His turn.

I filled it up again, and then he poured it into one nostril and didn't like it much, but tried it on the other nostril as well.

Not much got in, but he did do it and was OK and didn't sputter.

Today, he reports that he feels less pressure and maybe the neti pot helped.

Hurray for alternative methods that work that my kids are brave enough to try!


Shez said...

my kids have been irrigating their sinuses for 2 years now. they use the Neilmed bottle instead of a netipot. I prefer the Nasalene syringe. It took a lot of convincing and initially I did it for them, but now they will go and do it themselves when they are feeling stuffy.

It's great, isn't it?

Sue said...

I don't like the thought of sharing my rarely used neti pot with anyone. But I'd let the boy try it if he really wanted to. lol

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