Sunday, March 27, 2016

On the Rediscovery of Music

For various reasons for the past few years I've not listened to a lot of music. Instead it's been an almost steady tuning in to NPR and all that they have had to say. I've read books after hearing interesting interviews of authors with Terry Gross. She's a great interviewer. Such a good listener and not stuck with needing to ask the next thing on her list. She lets the conversation grow organically. She responds with follow up questions after interest is piqued.

Lately, I have had a huge reawakening to music and lyrics. They speak to me so much now.

So many things are speaking to me these days. It's as if I've been walking through fog, going through the routines of life, such as they are, and now I see things more clearly. Everything is sharper. Everything is more beautiful. Everything is more powerfully moving.

I feel free...

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