Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Mad...

Hello cyber-friends.  I haven't been here in almost a year, because I've been so disillusioned. 

On a positive domestic note, we successfully kept a Top Bar hive of bees in our backyard and harvested a scant two quarts of honey.  I was only stung 4 times as we were harvesting it.  And then I put raw honey on my stings to heal them!  Honey: the cause and cure of my woe.  Hopefully, the bees will overwinter fine and then we'll have an active hive in the spring.

I'm mad at Obama.  Governing-Obama is different than Campaigning-Obama.  He could have done so much more!  Well, not now.  But, he could have, when we had a majority.  I think his mistake was in appealing to the Republicans' sense of decency and shared humanity...

...which the Tea Partiers have driven out of the Republican party (I think Republicans have almost always seen Democrats and anything to the left as something "Other", but it's never been this extreme)  Obama can't do anything now with Republicans controlling things and answering to the most hate-filled ideology and policy decisions of the Tea Party.  Stupid fucks.

You know what's uplifting though?  Occupy Wall St.  They're mad as hell and they're not going to take it any more!  If I wasn't a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, I'd be down there tout de suite.

I'm mad as hell now too and have been. So, I will be posting much more here, as often as I can--if only to feel like I might be speaking to people who also care and are mad as hell now.  You are out there, right?

You 1% people?  You can read here too, if you want.  If you feel like slumming it.  It will be a lark!

NOTE:  I intend to swear a lot in some of my posts.  I think some things call for it and it is most appropriate to say "Fuck!".  I don't use that kind of language around my kids.  However, when they grow to adulthood, if we haven't overturned the 1%, and my kids have no job prospects and have a mountain of student debt, and Flying Spaghetti Monster forbid they are sick with no health insurance I fully expect them to say "Fuck!" to the appropriate people, because that will be the correct word to say.

Future adult children of mine, you will have my permission.  Plus, you know, you're adults at that point, so you don't really need my permission.  Carry on!

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