Friday, June 25, 2010

Theresa Andersson

I heard this musician on NPR recently. She is amazing. She uses foot pedals to loop herself, make a recording and then within seconds plays it back and plays with it. She harmonizes with her own voice, she plays a melody and then a solo against it.

It is not just gimmicky, it's good music, I think.



m. hope said...

love the concept of your blog, i have found one way to stop buying new stuff... run out of money!!!!!! but before i went broke, i moved to mexico with the goal of distancing myself from the rampant consumerism that was surrounding and engulfing me and getting me into more and more credit card debt. anyway, i look forward to reading much much more, i found you on after posting my own blog to be listed on the index.
LOVE THIS MUSIC, i actually have some beatboxes i could do this with, i'm sure you have to practice a bit with the equipment to familiarize yourself and then from there the sky is the limit, VERY COOL!

Laura said...

Thanks for visiting m. hope. I've also discovered a lot of great blogs through I'll go check yours out in a moment!

Some friends of mine are planning to move to Argentina, he is from there, and live very simply on a lot of land with his brother and his family. They also want to get away from the rampant consumerism and disinterest in the things that seem real, and genuine, and meaningful to them.

Are you still in Mexico?

Thanks for visiting!

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