Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Just Bought a Bunch of Stuff!

I just bought of bunch of stuff! We are still mostly not buying anything new. But, I've completely rationalized it all to myself that that does not apply to things for the kids' education. We are Unschoolers first, Compactors second, after all.

So, I went to Fun Books and perused the Math section and the Writing section and grabbed a bunch of stuff that the kids will love--I think. That's the idea any way.

I got:
  • Murderous Maths (it's British so it's wonky--"Maths" not "Math"... not to say that all things British are necessarily wonky--sorry my British friends!)
  • A couple of Draw-Write-Now books We'll see if the kids like them or if they're too smarmy. My kids do not suffer smarmy lightly, so I hope these will just be fun and not too pointedly teachy.
  • The Stunning Science of Everything from the Horrible Science series which looks like a nice overview of everything--basic ideas any way.
  • A couple of David Macaulay books because it is so interesting to see his exploded diagrams and cross sections of buildings and machines and underground tunnels. He is a brilliant illustrator and the kids love his books.
That was a very satisfying internet purchase.

Because we're Unschoolers, and the kids are "doing school" all year round, there's really no great impetus for me purchasing all of those things right now except that it's Back-to-School-Time and I got caught up in the fervor. I plan to go get paper supplies too.

Although I won't get any more glue sticks. I don't know why I always get them, the kids have never really used them much and just use Elmer's glue or now a glue gun for projects.

I think I'm a sucker for school supplies... I will try to keep a lid on it this year.

Have you gotten school supplies yet for your schooled or homeschooled kids? Whadya get?


DoulaMomma said...
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DoulaMomma said...

hate typos! here it is again...

have been out of the bloggy world in favor of real world commitments lately but it's good to check in!
I know someone who will be homeschooling/unschooling for the first time - I'm gonna send her to your blog (she contributes to a few good ones as well)!

Bekki said...

I used to go nutso for school supplies, even though unschooling. Some of the sales are sooo good, and I really thought we'd end up using the stuff eventually. I still have spiral notebooks from a Staples sale 4 years ago. Sheesh. One year I managed to assuage my school supply fetish by buying backpacks stuffed with necessities for some local children. It was really fun. I was schooled and actually kinda enjoyed it... so I still get swept up in the excitement every September. (My clock is set NOT set for starting school in August!)

the inadvertent farmer said...

I have the same weakness...school supplies are just so fun! Nice blog you've got here...Kim

Laura said...

Hey DoulaMomma!
Real world has taken precedence here too. It's nice.

Send your friend over--I'll be helpful if I can!

Hey Bekki!
Glad I'm not the only one. Those packs of Ticonderoga pencils are screaming at me.

Hey Kim!
Welcome and I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks for visiting!

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